smeg FAB28

The "50S Retro Series" is also a representative work of SMEG.
Modern pop Italian style refrigerator
FAB28 is a popular model among people who are particular about their lifestyle. In this renewal, the interior has been further enriched, and the specifications have been made with attention to detail. Particular attention has been paid to the door area, which is characterized by its beautiful curves and chrome design. Additionally, the door pockets are designed with a "retro" motto and feature a chrome finish.
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smeg KLF03

A kettle with a gentle yet modern atmosphere. It's up to you what you pour the hot water boiled in this kettle into. This kettle makes you feel excited before, while, and while pouring hot water.
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smeg TSF01

A toaster that just toasts bread. However, this toaster has more personality than that. For some reason, when the bread bakes and pops out, I end up smiling. This is a toaster with hidden charm.
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