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ShotNavi Evolve PRO [1.4-inch color LCD wristwatch type] (lay-up navigation / golf navigation / GPS golf navigation / GPS navigation / golf rangefinder

ShotNavi Evolve PRO [1.4-inch color LCD wristwatch type] (lay-up navigation / golf navigation / GPS golf navigation / GPS navigation / golf rangefinder

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In pursuit of Shot Navi's concept of ``score up and play fast,'' ``Evolve PRO'' aims to improve visibility and has achieved the largest display size among wristwatch-type GPS navigation systems.

Furthermore, the wearing comfort has been improved by using a silicone belt.

In terms of functionality, ``Evolve PRO'' is equipped with new features such as ``Layup Navi'' and ``Green Direction,'' making it much easier to use. Please use it to improve your score.

Advanced body performance Industry's largest Sharp 1.4 inch MIP LCD Adopts the latest GPS chip M10

Shot Navi's unique patented function Fairway Navigation Real Distance Navigates the distance to the FW in the direction you are facing and the actual distance you should hit.
Original function only for ShotNavi [Patent No. 6336855]

・Adopts a 1.4-inch color LCD, the largest in a wristwatch type ・“Layup Navi” that shows the layup distance
・Thinner and lighter for improved wearing comfort
・“Green Direction” that shows the direction of the pin
・Auto measure function ・Auto view function ・"Fairway Navi" (patented)
・Concentric circles, driving/layup circles ・Horizontal distance, approximate distance, elevation difference, recommended course ・Course layout display (100% domestic)
- Adopts a "reflective liquid crystal" that is easy to see outdoors - Improve your score by linking with apps - High accuracy! Compatible with quasi-zenith satellite "Michibiki L1S" ・Safe and high quality "Made in Japan"

[Body specifications]
Size: Φ47.5mm×13.2mm
Weight: 65g
Display: Color LCD 1.4 inch Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels Battery: Lithium polymer battery Water resistance: IPX7/3ATM
Full charging time: Approximately 3 hours (via PC)
Continuous use time: Up to 10 hours when using GPS (up to 30 days in watch mode)
Data update: Download using Windows-specific tools Communication: Bluetooth Smart 4.0
JAN code (BLACK): 4562201211877
JAN code(WHITE):4562201211884

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