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Shot Navi INFINITY [Equipped with Green Eye function] [Made in Japan] GPS navigation/Golf navigation/Distance measurement/Full color layout Golf rangefinder Shot Navi wristwatch

Shot Navi INFINITY [Equipped with Green Eye function] [Made in Japan] GPS navigation/Golf navigation/Distance measurement/Full color layout Golf rangefinder Shot Navi wristwatch

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For Shot Navi "INFINITY", we aimed to develop a design that highlights the body shape, which sets it apart from previous models.
The product has a distinctive appearance with a dimple pattern throughout, and the design is simple yet stylish, with a sense of unity from the main body cabinet to the belt so that it does not get in the way of sleeves or gloves.
Equipped with Green Eye, a new feature that allows you to see the ups and downs of the green at a glance, it also supports your play in terms of functionality.
Please use it to improve your score.

☆ Green Eye function

Green's score making
Leave it to INFINITY

A great ally for golfers who don't want to 3-putt!
Where on the green should you land your next putt?
You can instantly determine whether it is easy to hit.

The undulations of the green are clearly visible.

*Green Eye will not be displayed when used in competition mode.

☆ Original design

Distinctive design with dimple pattern

☆ Shot Navi's unique patented features
Fairway navigation real distance
Navigate the distance to the FW in the direction you are facing and the actual distance you should hit.
Original features exclusive to ShotNavi
[Patent number 6336855]

☆ Japan Professional Golf Association recommended product (public corporation)
ShotNavi's GPS products have been sold for many years and have been used in official games and tournaments, and are the only products in Japan that have been registered as ``Products Recommended by the Professional Golf Association of Japan.''

☆ Cumulative sales volume NO.1 in Japan
*Research by ShotNavi
・Started selling the first generation "ShotNavi" in April 2008
・Cumulative total of 2018 series exceeded 700,000 units
・In 2022, the series will finally exceed 1.3 million units!

☆ Only in Japan to be used in TV broadcasts
The golf course data held by ShotNavi is used to display course layouts and measure flying distance and remaining distance on television broadcasts.

☆ Pro Tour achievements
・Used as a driving distance measuring device for official games of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association for 8 consecutive years
・Used for 4 consecutive years on the domestic women's tour "Step Up Tour"
・Many examples include lending out distance measuring devices to PGA Senior Tours, etc.

(Body specifications)

Item Specifications
Dimensions 54.3 x 39.6 x 12mm (excluding belt)
Weight 48g
Display MIP color reflective LCD
Battery Lithium polymer battery
Waterproof PX7 (Daily waterproof level)
Full charging time 2.5 hours (via PC)
Usage time When using GPS: Maximum of approximately 8 hours Clock mode: Maximum of approximately 20 days *3
Data update method PC: Data update using USB storage mode
Accessories USB cable for charging/communication
Quick start guide and warranty
*1: If short distance approaches or putters are not detected, please count them manually.
*2: According to our research (targeting golf courses with courses over 2,000 yards)
For both domestic and international courses, 9 holes (OUT/IN, etc.) are displayed as one course.
*3: The continuous usage time of the battery varies depending on the function and period used.

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(SHOTNAVI INFINITY,ShotNavi Infinity,ShotNavi Infinity)

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