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Shot Navi Laser Sniper [ELUA] Shot Navi Elua [Equipped with external LCD screen] Laser distance measurement / Golf distance meter / Golf distance measuring device / Golf laser

Shot Navi Laser Sniper [ELUA] Shot Navi Elua [Equipped with external LCD screen] Laser distance measurement / Golf distance meter / Golf distance measuring device / Golf laser

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-----Equipped with external LCD screen------

Check the measured distance on the external LCD and record the memory

By installing an external liquid crystal on the main body,

You can always display and check the distance and height difference measured last time.

Play smoothly without having to look through the finder again

-----3 types of measurement methods----

1. Point measurement Measure the distance to the target object (point) Measure the distance to the target object aligned with the center of the finder.

2. Pin seek measurement (pin search assist function)
Pin Flag Seek Measurement Once the provisional distance is displayed, slowly move the pin flag so that it is in the center of your aim.

3. Scan measurement A useful function when you want to know the distance to various targets such as bunkers, creeks, trees, etc. Start measurement by quickly "short-pressing" the measurement button twice according to the target object.

-----Estimated distance display----

Displays the approximate distance calculated using Shot Navi's unique algorithm. For shots with height differences, in addition to the measured straight-line distance,
At the time of launch and descent, the actual estimated distance to hit is automatically calculated and displayed, taking into account height difference information.

-----Equipped with competition mode----

By pressing and holding the MODE button, the height difference (reference distance) information will be turned off.
The blue LED on the side of the main unit will light up. You can use it safely in competitions.

-----Measurement speed of 0.2 seconds----

Distance displayed the moment you press the measurement button

-----Excellent distance measurement function----

Achieves a maximum measurement distance of 1,300 yards, allowing for fast and accurate measurement even at long distances.

-----Equipped with USB Type-C terminal----

Can measure approximately 39,000 times on one full charge
One full charge from the USB Type-C terminal
You can play over 100 rounds (approximately 200 rounds per round)

-----Waterproof function----

Waterproof performance for everyday use so you can use it with confidence during rounds.Can be used without worrying about drops or raindrops.

-----Uses a wide field of view LCD finder that makes it easy to find the target position----

6x wide viewing angle with a large field of view,
Equipped with a high transmittance LCD finder, making it easy to focus on the target position and making measurements easy.


(Body specifications)

Item: Specifications

Dimensions: 95.5 x 61 x 36mm

Weight: 145g

Battery: Lithium polymer battery

Charging time *1: 3.5 hours Number of uses when fully charged: Approximately 39,000 times when measuring points

Measurement range: 5~1,312y (5~1,200m)

Measurement error: ± 1m

Magnification: 6x

Laser wavelength: 905nm

Laser Standard: IEC 60825-1 Class 1M Laser Product

Lens diameter/effective diameter: 21mm / 19.8mm

Pupil diameter: 3.3mm

Eye relief: 14.7mm

Operating temperature: 0~50℃

Storage temperature: -20~60℃

Waterproof: IPX4 equivalent (daily waterproof level)

*1: The number of uses will decrease depending on the number of years of use and number of uses (deterioration over time).

■Laser Sniper ELUA
Black 4562201213338
White 4562201213345

Shot Navi Distance Measuring Instrument GPS Navi Distance Meter Measuring Instrument Height Difference Golf Navigation

“Recommended by the Professional Golf Association of Japan (PGA)” & “Recommended by the Professional Caddy Association of Japan”
[Equipped with sub display]
[Continuous measurement] [Pin auxiliary measurement]
[Equipped with competition mode]
2023 NEW Model [Golf Laser Distance Measurement Instrument] ShotNavi Laser Sniper ELUA (Black) Shot Navi/Laser Sniper Elua Golf Laser Fast Measurement Life Waterproof Pin Seek Sub Screen Waterproof Competition Compatible Compact Elua (4562201213338)

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