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Shot Navi neo2HP/Shot Navi Neo 2hp / (Golf Navi GPS Golf Navi Distance Meter Distance Meter Golf Equipment Golf Equipment Golf Navi Golf Navi Pocket Golf Distance Meter

Shot Navi neo2HP/Shot Navi Neo 2hp / (Golf Navi GPS Golf Navi Distance Meter Distance Meter Golf Equipment Golf Equipment Golf Navi Golf Navi Pocket Golf Distance Meter

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~ “2020 Model” NEO2, the No. 1 selling model in Japan, has undergone further evolution and is now available ~
shot navi neo2hp /shot navi neo2hp
(Golf navigation/GPS golf navigation/GPS navigation/distance meter/round supplies)

[Corresponding courses]
Contains golf course data for 100% of Japan (2,401 courses). Can be used on any course nationwide!

[Recommended points]
■ Compatible with Michibiki L1S
Reinforcement with L1S signals enables positioning with an error of 1m or less.

■ Safely made in Japan (manufactured in a domestic ISO9001 certified factory)
All processes, including mounting, assembly, and inspection, are performed in Japan. We are committed to quality and our production line is operated under strict quality control in an ISO9001 certified factory.

■ Equipped with competition mode
Can be used in competitions due to the 2019 rule revision! In competition mode, the height difference, guide distance (remaining distance that takes into account the height difference), and flying distance are hidden and can be used in competitions.

■ Compatible with overseas courses
Can be used 100% throughout Japan as well as overseas! It supports more than 50,000 courses (more than 25,000 golf courses) in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, including Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan. (*Green View currently supports approximately 6,000 golf courses)

■ Green view function
The green on the screen rotates as you move! ! Displays the shape, width and depth of the green as seen from the local point, as well as the distance to the center front and bag edge. This enables more accurate distance recognition than conventional methods.

■ Dodeka character view
Just tilt the device sideways! The distance to the center of the green is displayed in large letters.

■ Leave the 2nd green to us!
Easy switching with one push of the top and bottom buttons. In hazard view, it is also possible to display two greens at the same time.

■ Voice guidance
For those who find it troublesome to check the screen, or when using Hazard View, the distance to the green center will be immediately announced by voice.

■ (Public corporation) Japan Professional Golf Association recommended product
・ShotNavi's GPS products have been recognized for their long sales history and use in tournaments, and are the only products in Japan that have been registered as recommended products by the Japan Professional Golf Association, a public interest incorporated association.

■ No. 1 cumulative sales volume in Japan
*Research by ShotNavi
・Started selling the first generation "Shot Navi" in April 2008.
・In 2018, the cumulative total of the series exceeded 700,000 units!

■ Only in Japan to be used in TV broadcasts
・ShotNavi's golf course data is used for measuring and displaying flying distance and remaining distance and for course layout during TV broadcasts.

■ Achievements at the Pro Tour
・Adopted as the driving distance measurement device for official matches of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association for 8 consecutive years!
・Used for 4 consecutive years on the domestic women's tour "Step Up Tour"!
・We have loaned many equipment as distance measuring instruments to the PGA Senior Tour, etc.

Shot Navi Rangefinder GPS Navi Golf Navi
(SHOTNAVI neo2hp, ShotNavi Neo2HP, ShotNavi NEO2HP)

External dimensions W49mm x H80mm x D18mm
Weight 62g
Display Black and white liquid crystal 128 x 160 dots
Battery Lithium ion battery
Waterproof IPX4
Full charge time approximately 3 hours
Continuous use time approximately 17 hours
*Depends on usage. Please note that the continuous usage time will decrease depending on the number of charging cycles and aging.
How to update data Data update using USB storage mode
Navigation function Simple view 2 green view Hazard view
Green view Big view Elevation difference display
Data management Point recording/flying distance measurement SCO log compatible
Scorecard function Score counter function
Other functions Auto start navigation interruption function
Black and white inversion function
Package contents Shot Navi NEO2 HP main unit
microUSB cable AC adapter
Instruction manual and warranty quick guide
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